Answers to your common queries

Can’t I get this kind of thing for free on the interwebs?  Yes, actually, you can. We recommend signing up for our free monthly e-subscription where we send digital postcards straight to your inbox on the last day of the month. It’s not quite the same as a shiny postcard showing up in the mail, but it’s a close second.

How much does it cost?  Six dollars a month (CAD), about the same as your favourite latte. And since when did a latte bring you a month’s worth of joy, delight and self-care? Not that we have anything against lattes. We know how integral caffeine is to super-mom powers. And if you go for the full year subscription, you're paying even less per month - a super deal for all you super-saver mamas out there.

Can’t I just send my own postcards?  Well, yeah. I mean, you thought about it once or twice last year, right? And how did that go? You’re too busy for that shit! Give a gift subscription to your best bud or your favourite mama and presto! A year's worth of greetings, without any extra effort from you.

How do I cancel my subscription? It's super easy. Just contact us at hello[@] with a brief note and we'll process your cancellation ASAP.

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