The Power-Mama Post

No-bullshit affirmations for moms who need a boost. 

Delivered to your mailbox every month.

How it works 

#Motherhood is hard. Reduce stress and anxiety, sneak in some self-care and celebrate how awesome you are with a monthly mama-mantra delivered to your mailbox.

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Step 1

Sign up

Sign up for your monthly subscription for less than the price of your favourite latte. 

Cancel anytime.

Step 2

Check your mailbox

Enjoy the feeling of getting a surprise in the mail just for you (and it’s not a bill!). 

Your postcard will be mailed to you on the 4th of each month.

Step 3

Post it

Stick your Power-Mama Post card into the edge of your bathroom mirror.  

Practice some positive self-talk every time you see it. 

Try it for free

Not sure if the #PowerMamaPost is for you? Download a free postcard to print and try out for a month. When you're ready for a new mama-mantra, come back and join our community of #powermamas.